Romanian Double Bass circa 2010 – Review

Can you me about this instrument please?

Yes indeed. This is a 4/4 size violin outline instrument with a swell back.

Even though the instrument is on the large size I see that the string length is only 103.6cm

Yes correct. This means that it is exceptionally easy to play with virtually no stretching and straining of the left hand and that even applies to those players with very small hands.

What will I like most about this instrument?

The simply colossus volume that the instrument produces. Hold on to the mum`s china plates!

Is the making and materials good too?

Some decently figured wood has been used to construct this handmade instrument and the quality of the actual making isn't too bad at all.

Will this instrument suit me?

If you are of larger stature and want an instrument that is well constructed, has a most impressive sound quality and represents fantastic value for money then a try-out of this instrument should be placed high up on your list of priorities.


Even though this is a large instrument the string length of only 103.6cm makes this a breeze of an instrument to play. We particularly like the neck and fingerboard which has a fantastic slim-comfy feel to it. Overall this is a very nicely presented instrument that will do an absolute sterling job as an orchestral or as a jazz instrument.

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