Contrabass Shoppe Workshop Double Bass Gabrielli Model anno 2004 – Review


We regularly get asked to supply a professional quality instrument - that looks, feels and sounds just like a really old instrument - yet doesn't cost as much as those really old instruments - well here it is.

Wow - it sure is a great looking model for a bass.

Yes - we think that the model and dimensions of this instrument are absolutely perfect for a wide range of players. For starters the violin outline coupled with a flat back and upper angle break fits in perfectly with those classic English basses that all the pros seem to have. Next - just take a look at those nice deep ribs - designed to help produce that deep dark sort of sound that all those big English basses seem to throw out.

Finally - just for the time being - take a look at those nicely raked upper shoulders - designed to allow easy access to those positions up amongst the rosin dust. You've got to wonder why Lott, Fendt and Kennedy didn't think more along these lines. Perhaps it was because the orchestral players of their day never reached much above the neck positions!

It even looks old.

Well yes it does - and once again we asked a huge number of you up and coming star-players what you really, really wanted and this is the result - extra-special quality "antique" style varnish. Just look at those layers of warm red-brown varnish, just look at its wonderful opaqueness and its fine surface cracquelleur. Fabulous stuff indeed.

We think that this varnish job really exudes strength and quality and is definitely some of the best that you'll see on any modern instrument.

But what about the actual wood?

The maple used in the back and ribs - is cut partly on the quarter. Flame is visible on the back while branch marking in the ribs add character and create a wonderful feast for the eye.

Yes - but how old is the wood?

Our supplier has assured us that the wood used to make this instrument has been naturally seasoned for at least five years. In addition - and just to be absolutely sure that no further movement or shrinkage of the wood will take place - we've store this instrument for two whole years before commencing any work on it and presenting it to you.

How is the instrument set up?

We've popped in a stunning medium-flamed neck with small radius curve to enable a precise 1st finger D at its base. We've then meticulously set it up with the following;

    1. A grade one fingerboard from India.
    2. A set of top-quality old-English style brass machine heads. 
    3. A top quality brass endpin unit made entirely by hand here in England. 
    4. A top quality bridge imported directly from France. 
    5. Aluminium adjusters to allow quick change to the height of the strings. 
    6. A compensated ebony tailpiece
    7. A set of the reassuringly expensive Pirastro Flat-chrome strings

Final Summary

Looks like an old bass, feels like an old bass, and sounds like an old bass - and all for a price that is much, much less than the cost of a new instrument from a modern maker.

Offer to come and try

You definitely must come and try out this bass. We're quite sure that you'll be much more than impressed.

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