Akos Balazs, Budapest, “Gold-Series” Double Bass anno 2007 – Review

Gold series - what do you mean?

Well at major athletic competitions such as the Olympic games - medals in bronze, silver and gold are presented to the three top athletes of each category or event - similarly the rising star maker Akos Balazs from Budapest in Hungary has a grading system that denotes the quality of each instrument that he makes - obviously with the gold series being of the highest quality.

What will I like about this Gold Series bass?

Really there are lots and lots of things that make this instrument a real winner. As you look at the images of the instrument here are a few to consider;

i) The model of the instrument follows the glorious London (Lott and Betts have clearly inspired Akos) school of making - so for all of you up and coming players wanting to get into the profession this instrument is going to fit in absolutely perfectly.

ii) The feel of this instrument is absolutely spot on. There's a really nice slim feel neck to allow total freedom of movement for the left hand and just take a look at that absolutely splendid "antique type" varnish. 

iii) The set-up is absolute perfection. There's a first class fingerboard with a unique profile that Akos learnt to do while studying in the USA. There's a highly decorative set of machines made in the USA that in a weight-saving measure have six-holes drilled into the cogs. There's a Contrabass Shoppe bridge that uses - for the very first time - really cool "touchy-feely" ebony adjusters and then there is our wonderful English made endpin unit. You cannot really ask for any more.

OK - Good model, good looks, feels nice and great price – but what about the sound?

We think that the sound quality of this instrument is absolutely awesome. There are those rich deep dark sounds similar to the instrument that all the pros seem to use - coupled with a responsiveness that is absolutely delicious.

What about the price?

For a named instrument of this quality - the price could easily be a hell of a lot more.

Any final summary?

An instrument such as this will get you a job in the profession. Once you've got yourself a job - you'll no doubt start earning lots of bucks and will have you eyes on something old and expensive. However - my guess is that you'll still want to keep this Gold Series instrument by Akos Balazs as your second or touring instrument because its just so-darned good. It will definitely prove to be one of your shrewder investments too.

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