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Hungarian Double Bass Labelled Luigi de Enthhke filii (sic) Gabriel, No17 anno 1971

Hungarian Double Bass Labelled Luigi de Enthhke filii (sic) Gabriel, No17 anno 1971


The label inside this good looking, nicely made instrument suggests that it was made in 1971 somewhere in Italy. Certainly, the 1971 date seems to be about right, for the instrument has come to us via Norway where a professional player used it daily for many years. What is unlikely though, is the implied Italian birth-right, as the model and making characteristics point much more towards the instrument being conceived somewhere in Hungary. Setting the origins aside, this is a very competently made instrument. The maple back, ribs and scroll are beautifully flamed and well matched and the quality of both the actual making and varnish work has been done to an extremely high standard.

As for the presentation and set-up, this too has been done to an incredibly high standard. As soon as you pick the instrument up, you will feel just how smooth and comfy the neck feels and the full-rounded sound that flows out of the instrument has lots and lots of colours on all the strings and in all the registers. If you want to enjoy playing the bass, you’ll definitely enjoy owning this instrument, and the price is really way too cheap for this amount of quality.



LOB (length of back) - 113.0cm (44.50in)
Width across upper bouts - 50.6cm (19.88in)
Width across middle bouts - 36.7cm (14.45in)
Width across lower bouts - 66.9cm (26.36in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 22.0cm (8.63in)
Body stop - 60.4cm (23.75in)
String length - 105.1cm (41.37in)

Reference number #2711