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H. R. Pfretzschner French Double Bass Bow With Additional German Style Frog In 14ct Gold

H. R. Pfretzschner French Double Bass Bow With Additional German Style Frog In 14ct Gold

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    This refined and elegant example of this “Royal” maker's work was originally made with a silver and ebony mounted frog, however due to the unprecedented demand and desirability for German model Pfretzschner bows the decision was taken to commission the world-renowned English bow maker Brian Tunnicliffe to make a reproduction German style frog and button for it.   

    As you all probably know - H. R. Pfretzschner (b-1857, d-1921) worked for the great French violin and bow maker J. B. Vuillaume and in regard to this particular bow his influence is unquestionably reflected in the exceptional quality of the workmanship. Just look at how exquisitely carved and elegant the head is in its proportions and poise. So, if one is going to go to the trouble of having a frog and button made in order to truly reflect and recognise the exceptional craftsmanship of the stick then why not try and do the best job possible and have the frog made from top quality ebony and fitted with reassuringly expensive 14ct gold - which is exactly what was instructed.

    To complement the frog, Tunnicliffe fitted the head of the bow with a gold face, the underside of the frog with a gold slide and the handle of the stick with a solid gold and black tinsel lapping. In total this  grossed to approximately 35gms of gold with a scrap value of nearly £1,000 inc. vat and making charges of just over £1,000.

    The work was finished in March 2021 and what a truly great job it turned out to be. Visually the gold looks absolutely stunning against the true black of the ebony frog and button and perhaps best of all it is incredibly satisfying to know the whole ensemble plays like a dream.

    You would certainly have to agree that it is not often that you find a bow that you can use as either a French bow or a German bow - and both for the price of one!

    This well-made H. R. Pfretzschner bow really is everything a player could want. It is strong, elegant, refined, flexible and articulate and is sure to put a smile on the most demanding of pro-players.


    Length of stick without button - 707mm
    Length of stick including button - 768mm
    Weight - 134gms

    Reference number #2912