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Double Bass by Julius Heinrich Zimmermann, London circa 1895

Double Bass by Julius Heinrich Zimmermann, London circa 1895


You will be forgiven for being slightly confused about the origins of this well made, well finished instrument, for although it does indeed bear an original makers label citing that it was made in London, the instrument’s form and features are essentially all Germanic. This is because the North-German born Zimmermann was an entrepreneur who opened workshops in a number of countries for the production and wholesale of stringed instruments and accessories. According to the voluminous violin dictionary by William Henley, Zimmermann ‘employed the best workmen from Saxony’. For those of you who would like to learn more about Zimmerman, please read our full review.

If you are currently doing the audition circuit or already have a position in an orchestra and require something that fits in well with the other members of the section, then this quality instrument by Julius Heinrich Zimmermann would make an excellent choice.

The sound is really huge and punchy, the tonal qualities are deep, dark and rounded and what’s more you’ll be able to get stuck in to the low notes with the fitted key-extension that has stops on the Eþ, D and C#.

If you can find a better quality named old instrument, in better condition than this and for less money, we would be very, very surprised indeed!


LOB (length of back) - 117.8cm (46.36in)
Width across upper bouts - 53.8cm (21.20in)
Width across middle bouts - 35.5cm (14.00in)
Width across lower bouts - 68.5cm (27.00in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 22.4cm (8.80in)
Body stop - 63.0cm (24.78in)
String length - 106.1cm (41.75in)

Reference number #2850