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Branded N. Maire Double Bass Bow

Branded N. Maire Double Bass Bow

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    We can call this bow a “transitional” bow because the almost straight-stick is approximately mid-way between the way in which the outward curved bow that was championed by the renowned contrabassist Signor Dragonetti (b-1763, d-1846) developed toward the inward curved bow that was championed by Giovanni Bottesini (b-1821, d-1889). The bow features an open hard-wood frog that is without ferrule, pearl slide or metal under-slide and a key-like brass button that can be turned in the same way as it is done on a modern bow in order to move the frog and so place tension on the hair. With regard to the N. Maire name stamp that is on the handle, we do believe that this was added at later date and is not correct. It does however suggest that the bow was made prior to 1878 in which year the bow maker Nicolas Maire died. The second thing that the name brand suggests is that the bow was made in France. Indeed, which one examines the stylistic features of the bow, especially the brass key-like button with its double-collar and the precisely formed ridge at the front of the head, one would have to conclude that the bow was made in France.

    If you are a collector, investor, museum or very interested in the history and development of the bass bow then this beautifully made, aesthetically pleasing, fascinating piece of history will most definitely be of interest.


    Length of Stick - 641mm
    Weight - 161gms

    Reference number #2659