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Bernard Millant French Style Double Bass Bow

Bernard Millant French Style Double Bass Bow

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A beautifully crafted bow by the late renowned world authority and making genius. In the sumptuously produced book entitled “Discovering Bows for the Double Bass” by Chris Brown, Brown writes that Millant made only a few bass bows. We particularly love the Peccatte inspired head on this bow which is bold and confident in its style. We also love the exceptional quality of the wood and its dark brownish-red colour. This is certainly a master bow from a master maker. 

If you are a player wanting a bow on the heavier side that is the best of the best, then this Millant bow should definitely be at the top of your list. If you are perhaps an investor or collector wanting to lay something down, rather like a fine wine, then this Millant bow is bound to shine like a "jewel in a crown".


Maker: Bernard Millant
Bow type: French
Bow mounts: Silver
Frog type: Ebony
Frog decoration: Mother-of-pearl dots with rings ("Parisian-eyes")
Profile of stick: Round
Colour of stick: Dark brownish red
No of brands: 2
Profile of heal plate: Round
No. of pins in heal plate: 3
No. of pins in underslide: 2
No. of pins in button: 3
Face type: Ivory
Lapping: Silver 
Length of Stick : 655mm
Weight: 142.0gms
Balance (from stick end): 231mm

Reference number #2807