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Akos Balazs, Budapest, Bronze Series Double Bass anno 2008

Akos Balazs, Budapest, Bronze Series Double Bass anno 2008

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    Akos Balazs is a talented young maker from Budapest in Hungary. His work is neat and well thought out. Best of all, his instruments sound really good. The bronze series double basses are essentially instruments that he has selected from makers in Romanian which he has then reworked and finished to a high standard. The programme of work usually includes regraduation of the table, fitment of a new bass bar, fitment of a new neck and fingerboard, complete varnishing work and a full set-up.

    This particular bronze series instrument is made from nicely figured Bosnian maple which Akos has enhanced and protected with a glorious rich red-brown spirit varnish. The elegant violin outline model features nicely raked upper shoulders that have been designed to make playing in the upper positions very manageable. In addition, there is a nice slim-feel neck and a string length of only 104.5cm.

    In terms of sound, there are impressive rich-deep-dark colours coupled with a responsiveness that is absolutely delicious.

    For anybody wanting an instrument to get them right the way through music college and into the profession then this bronze series instrument by Akos Balazs represents tremendous value for money.


    LOB (length of back) - 112.0cm (44.10in)
    Width across upper bouts - 46.0cm (18.15in)
    Width across middle bouts - 35.0cm (13.75in)
    Width across lower bouts - 66.8cm (26.25in)
    Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 21.7cm (8.50in)
    Body Stop - 59.3cm (23.30in)
    String length - 104.5cm (41.15in)

    Reference number #2909