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5-String Double Bass by Neuner & Hornsteiner, Mittenwald anno 1877

5-String Double Bass by Neuner & Hornsteiner, Mittenwald anno 1877


This instrument is made in the traditional style of the Mittenwald School. It is viol shaped with a flat back that slopes gently in towards the neck. Along the length of the back-centre join is a characteristic strip of ebony. The wood used is nicely figured, well-thicknessed and of good quality. The carving details of the scroll, ƒ holes and purfling are typically neat and well controlled.

The instrument has been fully rebuilt and upgraded to modern day concert standards. In brief the internal work includes crack repairs, stud work, a back-button patch, a new top block, a new bass bar, complete half-edging work, a large amount of replacement edging work and replacement purfling work. Externally a new neck, fingerboard, bridge and post have been fitted and an inspired facsimile varnish over a yellow ground has been applied.

We like the fact that in addition to the original N&H label that can be found in the normal position on the inside back there is a maker’s pencil inscription near to the central bass-side of the bass bar.

In terms of sound we are quite sure that you will be well impressed. There is awesome volume and projection across all the strings and significantly both the Thomastic Superflex-Light E-string and the Thomastic Superflex B-string respond quickly to the bow and pump out a simply colossal sound. 

There is little doubt that this fine-quality 5-string instrument by Neuner & Hornsteiner will help establish and elevate the “foundational” or “core-sound” of any symphony or opera orchestra. If you are looking for true value for money - then this is for sure a most attractive proposition. 


LOB (length of back) - 113.7cm
Width across upper bouts - 53.4cm
Width across middle bouts - 40.9cm
Width across lower bouts - 72.9cm
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 21.9cm
Body Stop - 60.5cm
String length - 105.8cm

Reference number #2891