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5-String Double Bass by Johann Klier, Bohemia circa 1890

5-String Double Bass by Johann Klier, Bohemia circa 1890


Everything about this instrument by Johann Klier is either well done or is just simply awesome. First, take a look at the model. The violin outline with swell back is symmetrical and well balanced and looks just like a large Strad model violin. Second, take a look at the condition. It's what we'd describe as very, very good.


On the inside back there is a large makers label affixed in the normal position. It notifies us of where Klier lived and worked as follows; JOHANN KLIER, STEINGRUB, Post Fleissen, Böhmen (CSR).


In terms of sound there is a huge basso-organ like sound and full-rounded tone that compare most favourably with the best of English instruments.


With so many of the English instruments now well out of the reach of many players, from the financial viewpoint this glorious instrument is easily the next best thing.



LOB (length of back) - 114.4cm (45.15in)
Width across upper bouts - 53.2cm (21.00in)
Width across middle bouts - 39.5cm (15.50in)
Width across lower bouts - 71.1cm (28.00in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 23.2cm (9.20in)
Body Stop - 60.0cm (23.65in)
String length - 106.0cm (41.72in)