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English Double Bass by George Warburton, Manchester anno 1880

English Double Bass by George Warburton, Manchester anno 1880

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A well made, well proportioned English bass by George Warburton bearing his full label George Warburton, Maker 1880, Manchester and similarly signed in ink on the upper inside back. Little is recorded of this maker, however it is evident from the form and quality of the workmanship that Warburton was a professional maker and close follower of the "Master" English bass makers – namely Lott, Fendt and Kennedy. This classic English instrument could easily be mistaken for being made by a more recognised maker and indeed it is possible that a young Warburton was apprenticed to Fendt. 

Although Warburton lived and worked in a Northern-English town of Manchester, the form of this instrument follows the classic London model that was adopted by the two Lotts, the two Fendts and of course Thomas Kennedy. The instrument bears the makers original label which is notable for its particularly large size.

Also notable is the instrument’s big, free-vibrating, distinctive quality sound. Fitted with a new fingerboard and quality Barnaby extension this is an extremely useful professional quality instrument. Very easy to play and possessing a very deep dark sound. 


LOB (length of back) - 113.3cm (44.65in)
String length - 109cm (43in)

Reference number #2115