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English Double Bass by Ernest Francis Lant, Sevenoaks No 470 anno 1979

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This good-looking Testore copy was made for a W. Burggraff of Holland and is thought to be an extra-special-quality commission due to the fact that the wood used throughout is of high quality and the pegbox is topped by a somewhat mystical but well-carved, “Madonna” scroll. Indeed, it is thought that this may be the only example of a figurehead that Lant carved. 

Internally the instrument has been fitted with a new bass bar and the middle and two upper braces have been replaced. During the restoration the makers original label was removed from the original central brace and re-affixed in the same position on the new brace. A second original label stating that the instrument was made for W. Burggraff is still affixed to the original central brace which has been retained and is supplied with the instrument.  Externally the instrument has been fitted with a new neck.

The instrument is very easy to play and has an absolutely huge sound. Now past its first forty years of professional music-making, this well-made English instrument is looking far too cheap in comparison to the English instruments that were made only another 40-50 years earlier. It is sure to provide good playing and financial-investment returns.

The instrument is accompanied by an insurance valuation from Van Lierop Bowed Instruments of Brussels, Belgium dated August 2014.


LOB (length of back) - 110.0cm (43.31in)
Width across upper bouts - 47.9cm (18.86in)
Width across middle bouts - 35.4cm (13.94in)
Width across lower bouts - 63.5cm (25.00in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 21.5cm (8.46in)
Body Stop - 59.6cm (23.46in)
String length - 105.4cm (41.50in)

Reference number # 2916