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Mittenwald Double Bass circa 1880

Mittenwald Double Bass circa 1880

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    Bandini has named this instrument ‘Anabale’ on the label and with what must be obvious

    This is a nicely presented viol shaped instrument from the later quarter of the twentieth century. Proportionally, it has slightly larger measurements than one would expect from an instrument of this type, which we believe makes it ideal for use in a symphony orchestra. The plumb-red spirit varnish over a yellow ground is most typical of the Mittenwald school as is the viol-shaped model with its distinctive bulbous contours at the upper-block area (neck-rib join).


    You will be pleased to know that we have fully upgraded the instrument to modern day concert standards. In brief, a new neck, fingerboard, bridge and post have all been fitted and the peg box has been upgraded with a stunning set of new English machines set on brass half plates. Internally, improvements have been made to the acoustics by means of judicious-regraduation-work and the replacement of the original bass bar. As a result the instrument now sounds absolutely fantastic. There is plenty of volume, the tone is of considerable maturity and the new neck feels like a million dollars.


    Should you be looking to enter into the orchestral profession on a sub-20K budget, then this instrument comes highly recommended.


    pride, branded it with his rising triplet MB brand just about everywhere. Externally this can be seen just below the back button and below the endpin unit, while internally it can be seen on both the top and bottom block and on all the four corner blocks. What makes the instrument look so spectacular is the type of figured-hardwood that it has been made from, which is called Anigre. During the 60, 70s and 80s there was quite a waiting list for an instrument from the UK makers such as Lant and Prentice, so many full-time students and young professionals travelled over to Italy and to Bandini in particular for their instruments. In Italy his instruments are still highly regarded and currently there are several in use by top professional players. The violin dictionary by Marlin Brinser records that he ‘Won medal at Begnacavallo for double bass’.

    Like the Italian-stallion that this instrument is, the sound is well rounded with good depth and quality. A good evenness right across the four strings is also of benefit.


    LOB (length of back) - 111.0cm (43.70in)
    Width across upper bouts - 51.8cm (20.46in)
    Width across middle bouts - 35.7cm (14.10in)
    Width across lower bouts - 66.9cm (26.40in)
    Depth of lower ribs inc both plates- 21.9cm (8.65in)
    Body Stop - 61.8cm (23.95in)
    String length - 105.7cm (41.65in)

    Reference number #2704