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Contrabass Shoppe Workshop Double Bass Gabrielli Model anno 2004

Contrabass Shoppe Workshop Double Bass Gabrielli Model anno 2004

  • -£-12,000
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    If you are on the search for a professional quality instrument, that looks, feels and sounds like a really old instrument, yet costs only a fraction of the price, well here it is. We think that the Gabrielli influenced model and dimensions of this instrument are absolutely perfect for a wide range of players. For starters, the violin outline coupled with a flat back and upper angle break fit in perfectly with those classic English basses that all the pros seem to have. Next, just take a look at those nice deep ribs, designed to help produce that deep-dark sort of sound that all those big old English basses seem to throw out. Now, just take a look at those nicely raked upper shoulders that have been created to allow easy access to those positions up amongst the rosin dust. Finally take a look at the high standard of making and the warm red-brown layers of the extra-special quality “antique” style varnish. It’s definitely some of the best that you’ll see on any modern instrument.

    As for the sound, it possesses the sort of mellow, deep-dark qualities that one needs in the symphony orchestra.

    Really, we are totally in-love-crazy-enthusiastic about this instrument and think that you will be too.



    LOB (length of back) - 114.8cm (45.20in)
    Width across upper bouts - 52.5cm (20.65in)
    Width across middle bouts - 40.6cm (16.00in)
    Width across lower bouts - 64.5cm (25.40in)
    Depth of lower ribs inc both plates- 23.3cm (9.20in)
    Body Stop - 60.0cm (23.65in)
    String length - 106.0cm (41.75in) 

    Reference number #2685