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French Double Bass att to Gabriel Jacquet (Jacquet-Gand), Mirecourt circa 1880

French Double Bass att to Gabriel Jacquet (Jacquet-Gand), Mirecourt circa 1880

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    Although this instrument does not bear an original label, brand or inscription to help identify it - there are a great many features and stylistic characteristics that point to it being the work of the specialist double bass maker Gabriel Jacquet of Mirecourt, who was also known as Jacquet-Gand. We like the fact that the instrument still retains all of its original orange-yellow spirit varnish and the black highlighter varnish that can be seen all around the edge-work of the front, back and scroll. We also like the fact that the instrument retains its original large diameter brass cogs in combination the wide-thread-worms and large-thumb-turns.

    The sound is full and rounded with sustain and lots of colours. In addition there is just the right amount of punch and projection.

    If you are a jazz player or are currently in the process of trying to get one of those coveted positions in a symphony or chamber orchestra then the playability, original appearance and sound of this very “decent” late 19th century instrument will certainly help you along very nicely indeed.

    The price is also very, very good too.



    LOB (length of back) - 113.0cm (44.50in)
    Width across upper bouts - 53.6cm (21.18in)
    Width across middle bouts - 39.0cm (15.36in)
    Width across lower bouts - 67.0cm (26.38in)
    Depth of lower ribs inc both plates - 21.5cm (8.42in)
    Body stop - 61.3cm (24.18in)
    String length - 117.4cm (42.35in)


    Reference number #2851