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Angel Martinez German Double Bass Bow

Angel Martinez German Double Bass Bow

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    If you are on the hunt for a professional quality bow that is grippy, strong, well balanced, well-made, affordable and a real pleasure to use then you will certainly be super-impressed by the work of this up-and-coming young Spanish archetier. 

    In addition to his bow making skills, Angel is a very talented double bass player and as such is currently a member of the highly acclaimed Orchestra de la Comunitat Valenciana. In our opinion, the experience of knowing exactly how a good double bass bow should feel in the hand and on the string has certainly given him a massive advantage over non-playing bow makers.

    Over the past years Angel has studied the skill and art of bow making with several of the leading French bow makers including André Alegre and François Grimaux and in 2020 gained great knowledge and experience from the legendary expert and bow maker Jean-François Raffin. We particularly like the fact that Angel's bows are made from excellent quality long-grained pernambuco which is both strong and flexible. We also love the beautifully carved heads and sticks that are inspired by the work of the master German makers - in particularly that of H.R Pfretzschner.

    Angel is deservedly proud of the fact that a rapidly growing number of his bows are now in the hands of several high profile professional players including none other than Thierry Barbé, the esteemed principal double bass player at the National Opera de Paris Orchestra and professor at the National Superior Conservatoire. What a fantastic endorsement that is. 

    Angel's bows are also being used by pro-players in England, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and even as far away as Taiwan. 

    In order to cater for every bass player`s unique set of physical and performance related criteria Angel makes three different lengths of German model bows. The first has an average stick-length (measured from the end of the tip to the end of the stick without the nipple) of between 694-698mm that is primarily designed to produce the maximum output from your instrument in the symphony or opera orchestra. The second, is a much longer bow that has an average stick-length of between 716-720mm and which is perfectly suited to the player who is studying the solo repertoire or to the player who simply has a preference for longer length bows. The third length, is an even longer bow that comes with an average stick-length of 736mm. This extra-length or 5/4th length bow is normally fitted with the less-often seen but exceedingly comfy “Modell Findeisen” frog that softens the frog-stick contact area for the “purlicure-curve” between one’s thumb and forefinger by means of a bevel. When tried and tested this 5/4th length bow is proving to be surprisingly popular amongst today`s young players who always seem to be pushing the boundaries of what is achievable on the double bass. In terms of gross weight, these German bows in all three lengths average between 135 - 142gms.

    In terms of specifications, all the German bows that The Contrabass Shoppe supplies are half-mounted in silver, have a full solid-silver lapping, a solid-silver face and are finished in a leather thumb-piece and top-quality black hair. For the player that regularly travels abroad you will be über pleased to note that the solid silver face effectively means that when passing through custom-checks at the boarders - you will be worry free. 

    We are absolutely confident that your sound, playing-performance and playing-pleasure will be greatly enhanced by investing in one of these superb bows. What an earth are you waiting for?

    Please enquire what is currently available.


    Length of Stick - 736mm
    Weight - 137gms

    Reference number #2923