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Chamber Double Bass by Thomas Kennedy, London anno 1819

Chamber Double Bass by Thomas Kennedy, London anno 1819


Thomas Kennedy was born in London in 1784, so in terms of age he would have been 35 when he made this instrument. Kennedy died in 1870 at the age of 86 (a phenomenal age for the era), so this instrument most certainly represents some of his earliest work.

It is estimated that Kennedy made around 50 instruments in total. As to how many of these were of the chamber model it is unclear. The Contrabass Shoppe has previously sold a flat back example, which coincidentally was also produced in the year 1819 and there is another example on page 171 in the pioneering double bass reference book, “Looking at The Double Bass” by Raymond Elgar. Seemingly only a handful may have survived through two centuries of existence.

Kennedy attained a level of excellence as a maker of double basses that very few other makers surpassed.

His instruments are highly sought after by players because they know full well that they are some of the best sounding instruments in the world.


LOB (length of back) - 102.6cm (40.35in)
Width across upper bouts - 49.5cm (19.50in)
Width across middle bouts - 39.4cm (15.50in)
Width across lower bouts - 65.8cm (25.90in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates- 23.2cm (9.15in)
Body Stop - 59.5cm (23.35in)
String length - 105.3cm (41.50in)