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5-String Double Bass by Ferdinand Seitz, Mittenwald circa 1850

5-String Double Bass by Ferdinand Seitz, Mittenwald circa 1850


Although there is very little recorded about Ferdinand Seitz, even in the larger reference books, double bass players the world over recognise his name as being synonymous with these large well sounding orchestral instruments. German players especially favour these 5/4 size instruments that were often made, as is this example, with the rounded or “Busetto” type lower corners.


This instrument is made in the traditional style of the Mittenwald School. It has a flat back that slopes gently in towards the neck and along the length of the back centre-join is a characteristic strip of ebony. The wood used is nicely figured, well graduated and of good quality. The carving details of the scroll, F-holes and purfling are neat and well controlled. The varnish is original and very typical. Just take a look at the glorious texture and deep-dark red-brown colour. Splendid stuff indeed.


Named instruments by Ferdinand Seitz are considered highly desirable property right around the world.


With volume and tonal qualities at the very highest level, this instrument will help establish and elevate the foundational or core-sound of any opera orchestra.



LOB (length of back) - 118.3cm (46.51in)
Width across upper bouts - 55.2cm (27.75in)
Width across middle bouts - 39.5cm (15.60in)
Width across lower bouts - 76.2cm (20.0in)
Depth of lower ribs inc both plates- 22.2cm (8.75in)
Body Stop - 60.60cm (23.85in)
String length - 105.4cm (41.50in)