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Junior Guildhall Double Bass Day - Saturday 23rd May 2009
Phoebe Maddrell joins Shoppe
The new Jay Haide basses are here
The Realist Transducer is a winner
Leon Bosch releases 3rd CD
Brass Wolf Note Adjuster - jewellery for your bass
Innovation Strings price slash

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Tony Houska

"It has been five years since The Contrabass Shoppe became an incorporated company and nearly three since it re-located to Walton-on-Thames - so in only a few words - it's about time we updated you with all our news, events and plans." - Tony Houska - MD.

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Junior Guildhall Double Bass Day

Masterclasses, ensembles, try out sessions and performances will all be packed into one fun-filled day being held at London's Guildhall School of Music & Drama. The day is FREE and will be of great interest to all students, parents and teachers with participation intended for students aged 7-18 who already play the bass.

The Contrabass Shoppe will be there too! We'll have a selection of instruments on display and accessories purchased or ordered on the day will have 10% off!

For further information and a registration form please click here ; Alternatively contact


If you have telephoned The Contrabass Shoppe recently you might have been lucky enough to speak with the delightful Phoebe Maddrell.

Phoebe joined us this time last year and is invaluable in dealing with customers, packing up orders and in developing the website.

Phoebe comments: "I really enjoy working at The Contrabass Shoppe. It is incredibly interesting meeting players from around the world, you never know who is going to ring up or walk through the door."

Since uploading a short YouTube video on fitting The Realist Transducer - sales have rocketed.

Regarded as "THE" double bass pick up by many of the worlds top jazz players - the universal appeal is because it works so well with a wide range of acoustic basses and produces a good range of sound for both arco and pizz playing.

Additionally - the pick-up has a high feedback threshold, it is easy to set up and the price for this awesome amount of flexibility and adaptability is incredibly reasonable.

At only £5 500 - the new Jay Haide basses are simply astonishing value for money.

Aimed at the student to semi-pro player - the two models are incredibly easy to play and have an impressive full-rounded yet focused sound.

In terms of looks they have an "antiqued-effect varnish" which is absolutely stunning.

Click the instrument or here for more info.

There's no stopping bass virtuoso - Leon Bosh. He's just released his 3rd CD and is already working on a fourth! This one entitled "The Russian Double Bass" enjoys the wonderful vocal qualities of the double bass with music by Gliére, Koussevitzky, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Rubinstein and Glinka.

Leon Bosch (with one of our Italian basses) - having given Shoppe director Tony Houska a copy of his newly released CD - "The Russian Double Bass". Holding Bosch's first two CD's are young talent Ruan Baartman (far right) from South Africa and visiting restorer Jeroen Bruynooghe (far left) from France.

Looking just like jewellery for your bass - this relatively new comer to the market is highly effective in eliminating even the worst of howlers.

The design is "rubber" free and fitting is quick and easy.

Click here or on the photograph to see the Wolf Note Adjuster on the site.

Wonderful news!

The UK string manufacture Innovation has slashed prices by around 44% on its entire range of bass stings.

As a result the slightly thicker gauge of string with the sound and feel of gut has seen sales rocket in the US, UK and Europe.

Amongst the many string sets available at The Contrabass Shoppe we have the 140B (Orchestral), 140H (Jazz), 140RB (Rock a Billy), 140SS (Super Silver) and the 140SLP (Silver Slap)

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